Saturday, January 8, 2011


As some may know, before this page existed, we had a Wikepedia page. Now to clear up this little mishap, I will say this: This IS a fan-made series and is not in any way licensed by Toei. We are just High School students who wanted to work on this little project for fun. We are NOT making any profit from this NOR are we claiming to own the Kamen Rider franchise. The franchise belongs to their respective owners. Having said that, the incident with Wikepedia was that either Alexander(Owner) deleted it or someone reported it because we were advertising. Now the only reason that page was made was to inform you all on the episode plan, plot and movies that we're are making, NOT to advertise. Again this is made by fans and is made for fun. Please support fan-made shows instead of shooting them down. Thank you.

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