Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kamen Rider DX Plot overview

Plot: In a world very similar to ours, a boy has a dream. He is tortured daily and constantly reminded he is nothing. He names himself X and accepts that he is nothing in that world. He briefly lives with his childhood friend. Soon after, splotches suddenly erupt from his body alienating him even more. More than anything he dreams of leaving this world and traveling to others, eventually finding his own. Demons appear before him and offer a deal to help him escape that world if he agrees to become Kamen Rider DX (Demon X). He agrees and transforms into DX in front of the people who shunned him and his childhood friend. Ignoring the demons' orders to attack them, he leaves the world and begins his journey, traveling to all the other Rider Worlds. Soon after embarking on the journey, he discovers that the same organization that give him power, also were the ones punishing him. He was to be their puppet in enslaving the other worlds. Knowing this, X travels to all the Riders worlds defeating the demons. He reaches Kamen Rider Decade's world and after a long battle, and dying once only to be revived, DX finally defeats the demon organization and travels to the remaining worlds. Meanwhile Decade visits DX's world and gives his childhood friend, Robin a mysterious package. After spending a year away from his world, he returns to free it so he can continue his journey. To much surprise some demons have survived.

 A new organization, the Wonderful Earth Organization has taken over and blames DX for opening the portal, allowing the demons to cross into the world. 

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